The Comet
George Bernard Shaw once wrote " A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."
"The boy saw the comet and he felt as though his life had meaning."
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Every band has that one member who never says anything and looks like they’re 500% done with everyone’s shit


just for a funny


i have to stop falling asleep listening to wtnv

it can’t possibly be healthy

I’m not the only one? Thank lord.

Life lessons with Ashley a

Life lessons with Ashley a

we could use a little worse.


when my dad was in college he had a friend who told a girl he’d take her on a date unlike any other she’d ever been on and so he took her to the supermarket to watch the lobsters fighting in the lobster tank

they’re married now

My brother-in-law’s sister brought me a huge ass switzerland chocolate and a huge ass bottle off cofFEE IM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW OMG THEY ARE HUGE HOLY SHIIIITTT

do u ever just feel like ur slowly being pushed out of the group.

u know its happening

u can feel it happening

but u cant do anything